2002 Lancer OZ

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  1. where can i find performance parts for my 02 lancer oz? ive been looking everywhere and cant find anything. Thanks

  2. lol Never mind you guys are sick! thanks, ill be looking forward to buying your products.

  3. You guys should put some simple packages together so those of us with limited cash can sup’ up our rides with sme basic components.

    Like a swaybar, cold air kit and exhaust for a reduced package cost or free shipping??

  4. I think that dome light is looking a little lonely without a headliner.jk!looks fine. what i was actually wondering… this isn’t so much a comment but I was wondering if RRM would ever consider supplying us 4g94 lancer owners with a limited slip differential(LSD) OR if not does one exist for the 4g94?

  5. steelbluejeans says:

    im also wondering about the LSD does it exist?

  6. i have ay 93 lancer glxi what can I do to performace it

  7. And how much power will I lose if I convert it to rear wheel drive

  8. ya i just wanna know that if i lower my 02 oz rally will i clear a 215/40/17

  9. it might seem out of no where, but I have been pondering that ever since I’ve owned my website business that I’m may not be in the career that I have to be in.

  10. what tire size are you guys running on this car and what kinda wheels are you using brand and size plz

  11. The 4g94 is that a dohc. Or sohc. Because mine has 2. Cams

  12. Hey I have a 02 lancer oz rally and everyone is always bagging on how it has no power and blah blah blah. But how much power do you guys think that you are pushing because I would like to prove people wrong by hooking mine up a little (I’m 16 so all the people that have cars that are talking crap and stuff are people with beat up hondas soooo..), and if you could do you think you would be able to provide the power it makes without the turbo. Please and thank you, I’d really appreciate it.
    Oh and your cite is amazing. This is where i’m buying everything for my lancer

    P.S. I know the motor can’t put that much power but this is my first car so I’d like to do a little something to my car.

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