2010 Suzuki SX4 Sport

red_suz_main red_suz_03 red_suz_02 red_suz_01 red_suz_05 2010 Suzuki SX4 Sport


  1. Love the stripe kit on that SX4, I placed an order for mine (blk stripe) and cant wait to see how its going to look on my silver sx4 sport

  2. Guys I love the Suzuki line and awesome job on the red SX4. I am currently looking for a home for my shop here in central VA. I am an ASE certfied automotive technician and have worked for a Buick/Suzuki dealership, Honda dealership, and aftermarket repair shops. Wy wife drives an 06 Forenza and we also have a 07 SX4. Stevens Suzuki Shop is interested in Road Race Products, and although I am part of the service and repair business, I can see some some future projects in the works. Anyways Road Race, thanks for being here for us Suzuki fans, and looking forward to doing some business in the future.

  3. I am totally drooling over this stripe kit and may get one when I get my sx4. (along with other RRM goodies)

  4. Car looks great! Is the filter just bolted on to the stock intake tube?

  5. Just wondering if there is still a kit to take the roof racks off? Also what rear spoiler is this? Great Work!

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