Mitsubishi Outlander Sport/RVR Turbo

outturbo1sm Outurbo2sm outturbo43sm outturbo33sm


  1. Eric Scott says:

    Great job RRM! Keep up the great work! I still have to hang onto my 04 RA for a bit longer, but for my next car… :)

  2. Man you guys are the masters on Mitsubishi.. Been waiting on the 02 Lancers Header you guys have..

  3. Michael Rayburn says:

    Um…do you guys not respond to comments???

  4. An outlander sport with some balls .. this is Great!!

  5. which performance parts did you guys use for the outlander sport, im already customizing mine but i really want to tune it out, also will you guys be at mod 2011 in normal illinois?

  6. is there a turbo for cvt yet

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