Road Race Preps car for Silver State Challenge

Road Race Motorsports wanted to share the Silver State Challenge car we just prepared for Driver Elia Popov. Elia bought this fully caged camera car from producers in Hollywood who used it to film chase scenes from such movies as “Duke of Hazzard”, “Borne Identity”, “Mission Impossible” and many more. Road Race converted the car to a safe and fast Silver State entry that will run in the 150 mph class this event. Changes included, new coilover suspension, race brakes, lightly tuned engine and a lot of other miscellaneous jobs.  The car does not look like much, but it is a one time event car since we will be building Elia Popov and 200 mph entrant for the next event. It will be a totally different car. We wish Elia the best. Check out the event coverage. The website


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