Road Race’s Turbo Suzuki Kizashi in Print

Posted by Robert Tallini August 11, 2010

Posted by Robert Tallini August 11, 2010

Road Race Motorsports has hit it big with their latest Concept Car for American Suzuki. From the Speed Channel show “Test Drive with Tommy Kendall” to print media, it is popping up everywhere and expect a lot more press to follow. This Turbo Kizashi is the fastest one on the road yet and full of refinements that have received tons of accolades from the automotive fraternity that have had access to this car. It stops, it goes, it turns and with that, it turns heads.


  1. Joel David Garcia says:

    I will like to have more information on the turbo kit for a Kizashi, I have a 2010 GST automatic and lso if the kit will be available on the future. Thanks

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