2012-2014 FIAT 500 Road Race Rear Anti Sway Bar

  • Model: FIAT 500 RRM Rear Anti Sway Bar
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports

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Road Race Motorsports has developed the world's first US Spec rear anti-sway bar for your Fiat 500. Compatible with all non-Abarth Fiat 500 models, Road race has engineered the perfect bar that will give you the handling characteristics you need (and deserve!) for your Fiat 500. What this means is that our rear anti-sway bar is not just for the track, but also meant for the everyday driver who wants improved handling and improved vehicle control over stock. Improving the predictability and vehicle control of your Fiat 500 also promotes safety as we are now tightening up the suspension and increasing rigidity. Designed similar to the Abarth bar, this system is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware for a straight-forward install. Every component is CNC machined. From the bar brackets, to the steel bar you will get amazing performance out of this sway bar system. This sway bar system maintains a comfortable ride level and yet keeps the car flat in corners and helps to eliminates understeer. This bar will come in a powdercoat red finish that you can spot from beneath the vehicle. Fiat 500 owners demanded a rear sway bar and road race delivers with this legitimate track-ready sway bar, built for everyday use.
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Customer Reviews

Facebook Message: "Just wanted to thank you for the installation of the Eibach Pro Spring kit and your new rear sway bar for my Fiat 500. The transformation of the handling was just superb. It's just point and shot and the car takes curves with no effort and roll at all. The Eibach Pro springs offer the just right amount of stifness and lowering. With the stock shocks still installed, the ride is just great on the road with no stiff bouncing. It seems to make for the perfect combination with your rear sway bar. For just under $600 for the springs and sway bar, you now have a car that will give the VW GTI and the Mini Cooper a run for their money up some moutain roads. Can't tell you how happy I am."

Fiat 500owners Member: "Highly recommended! Just had my Eibach Pro Springs installed and added the rear sway bar...handling is amazing. The way it should have come from the factory. Of course it is an individual choice. I just like the feedback from the road and to be able to throw my Sport into a curve and have it handle like its on rails."

Fiat 500owners Member: "Eibach Pro's with the RRM sway bar here.... THIS is the way the car should have handled from the factory IMHO. We can debate necessities all day - the truth is the car handles like a DREAM now. I personally feel the difference on every single turn on every single road I drive - this includes AT or BELOW the speed limit moreso with the sway bar than the springs. If you're happy with the stock set up more power to you. Ya just saved some money. However if you're lookign for more - upgrade and you will certainly NOT be disappointed! I took these turns - turns I take nearly daily coming home from work - at the same speed that I would normally. At said speeds in the past it felt as though I was beginning to push the car a bit and I wouldn't dare sqeeze a little more speed into it. With the bar installed... any body roll that was present was completely imperceivable. IMPERCEIVABLE!!! The car stayed flat, it tracked as if on rails I've never experienced before and my jaw was quite literally agape as I sailed through the twisties feeling as though I could have easily added 10 to 15 mph to my speed. This is hands down, bar none the biggest difference ANY of the mods I have added to my car have made! That's not to deminish the value of the others - it just means this product has set a new bar!"

Fiat 500owners Member: "...I exited the bottom of Mount Emma's north 90 deg right hander at 85 without a wimper and dead flat. That corner used to be an oh #@*t moment at 75. Folks, even if you don't drive twisties very often or maybe even never, believe me, you want one of these. I'm not sure if I will ever accummulate enough seat time to drive Spot up to par for it's present configuration but I'm sure going to have fun trying."

Initial Beta-Tester: "I had the chance to flog it for about an hour today (Lake Matthews area So Cal) and am more then impressed with the way that the car feels planted at well above what could be explained as spirited driving. I am running an Eibach Pro Kit, Upper Strut mount, and the RRM Sway bar in the rear. No complaints with this set up at all, handles like a slot car. The car (w/ Sway-bar) handled as predicted with the added heft in despite the brusque conditions and added to my overall view as aforementioned that this is by far one of my most prized additions to my car." Fiat Customer on our Facebook: I have a 2012 fiat sport and let me tell you something I have the road race motorsport rear sway bar and I love it. it helps with handling very nice its a must have I also have the intake the brace bar upper and lower kit rear exhaust and springs proline all from road race motorsports and getting more from them.

Fiat500owners.com user: The sway bar is great. No fear taking fast and sharp turns. With every thing the car drives like it is on rails. Also with the little extra power from the intake, exhaust and timing thing, the car is really fun to drive now. My wife who has a Gucci still thinks we have different engines.

Fiat500owners.com user: I could feel a difference in the chassis as soon as I pulled out into the street. Much more exacting in changing direction anywhere and a bit better straight tracking on rougher pavements. Somehow the car just felt more taut and solid. I had to do a 70-mile slog on the SoCal freeways, upon which the car's ride felt mostly unchanged, but when I got back to Ventura County, I hit my nearby and well known twisty Balcom Canyon. The car had yet another degree of handling capability, now limted more by the tires (as other posters have said) than the suspension. Kudos to RRM for their product and service. I am also still enjoying their timing controller's effects on the throttle and power.
OK, I took it out this morning, and it's even better than I said. Not only is the grip front-to-rear very balanced, the suspension compression and rebound seems more matched as well, almost as if the bar is adding further dampening. The suspension matching is very evident on speed bumps where the front and rear action is almost identical, whereas before the rear was a bit looser up and down. Out on the road it has a composure that exceeds that of the springs alone, feeling almost like a larger sport sedan in solidity; it is tossed around far less by bumps, undulations, and such, both on straightaways and mid-corner. It is as if it has more mass, but in the good more solid way. It somehow feels bigger and more nimble at the same time. Turns are virtually roll-free, and tightening mid-turn produces no drama; it just cuts and goes. S-turns are handled with aplomb, as the weight shifts are much more controlled. As mentioned above, even casual street driving seems more composed.

Fiat500owners.com user: "I have been driving my Sport for about 2 months with the Road Race Motorsports Rear Sway Bar. I thought I would pass on to you my impressions on how the car's handling has improved. The first thing I noticed when I left Road Race Motorsports in Santa Fe Springs and hopped on the 605 freeway is that straight and level the Sport was more stable with surer footing. That is the car didn't "hop" around on freeway imperfections. Also the car "seemed" heavier. So the point is the sway bar improved the straight and level handling something I didn't anticipate. A pleasant surprise! The cornering was significantly improved also. I suppose one could do a more analytical study by driving the car with and without the sway bar on the track to quantify the cornering and handling performance.. But my seat of the pants input to you is that both cornering and straight an level performance is significantly improved. Why Fiat didn't install a sway bar on the Pop and Sport is unknown to me! Bottom line is that if you can make or afford only one suspension change to the 500 make it the Road Race Motorsports Rear Sway Bar bar."

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