ABARTH- Urban Warrior 220- Update (Part 1)

Fiat Abarth- RRM Urban Warrior 220

Road Race is putting the finishing touches on its Fiat Abarth. We call it the Urban Warrior 220 because it is the fastest most practical Abarth Package we could imagine. Each word has meaning. "urban" translates to a streetable car. Warrior means it will compete against cars one would not think it … [Read more...]

YOUTUBE VID- Find of the Week. RRM SX4 Turbo Test Drive Here is one of my favorite videos. This vid is taken from a press day by a KBB journalist a couple years back. He flogged our turboed and tuned SX4. Needless to say, he loved it. I think it represents, well, what we do even with something as underrated as a … [Read more...]

2012 Fiat 500


  … [Read more...]