Road Race Motorsports Russian Suzuki Kizashi

Russian Customer's Kizashi

Road Race is proud to ship its products or products developed by us for the Suzuki Kizashi all over the world. This is the Kizashi of one of our happy customers from Russia. We managed to put together all the things he needed for now to have the sickest Suzuki in Russia. He has most all of our … [Read more...]

YOUTUBE VID- Find of the Week. RRM SX4 Turbo Test Drive Here is one of my favorite videos. This vid is taken from a press day by a KBB journalist a couple years back. He flogged our turboed and tuned SX4. Needless to say, he loved it. I think it represents, well, what we do even with something as underrated as a … [Read more...]

ROAD/RACE Suzuki Kizashi Turbo on the Track in Australia


Car Advice reports on Road Race's Turbo Kizashi "Down Under." Our turbo Suzuki Kizashi, lapped around Broadford Race Track scoring high points in all the areas Road Race contributed to this Australian Kizashi. To quote them, "It was with those words running through my head that I came screaming … [Read more...]

ROAD/RACE- New EVO X style fender vents for Lancer and Ralliart


It is hard to tell the difference between an EVO X and a Lancer or Ralliart but the fenders give it away. Not a problem with these high quality vents. You will fool the best of them. These will come in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass and they just stick on. Really a nice detail to have and in Carbon … [Read more...]

Missing Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo Vid 2008-2011

[youtube]UbIEEm7wa6Y[/youtube] Here is the video missing from many threads on forums around the Mitsubishi world. It is a kickASS video Webrides TV did. We did it for them, but it came out soooo great it looks like they did it for us! Also there is a great hostess in there, Kerryann De La … [Read more...]

TurboSmart to partner with Road Race Motorsports

Turbosmart- Smart and good looking!

Road Race Motorsports is proud to announce our new partnership with TurboSmart. TurboSmart is the world's leader in turbocharging components and many of the leading race teams around the world, use their products exclusively in their race cars. TurboSmart approached Road Race Motorsports because … [Read more...]

Road Race’s Turbo Suzuki Kizashi in Print

Posted by Robert Tallini August 11, 2010

Road Race Motorsports has hit it big with their latest Concept Car for American Suzuki. From the Speed Channel show "Test Drive with Tommy Kendall" to print media, it is popping up everywhere and expect a lot more press to follow. This Turbo Kizashi is the fastest one on the road yet and full of … [Read more...]

2010 Suzuki Kizashi

2010 Suzuki Kizashi

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