Hyundai Genesis Coupe SEMA Concept

GEN_Concept copy

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Sukuki SEMA

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FIAT 500 Abarth


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ABARTH- Urban Warrior 220- Update (Part 1)

Fiat Abarth- RRM Urban Warrior 220

Road Race is putting the finishing touches on its Fiat Abarth. We call it the Urban Warrior 220 because it is the fastest most practical Abarth Package we could imagine. Each word has meaning. "urban" translates to a streetable car. Warrior means it will compete against cars one would not think it … [Read more...]

Road Race Motorsports Russian Suzuki Kizashi

Russian Customer's Kizashi

Road Race is proud to ship its products or products developed by us for the Suzuki Kizashi all over the world. This is the Kizashi of one of our happy customers from Russia. We managed to put together all the things he needed for now to have the sickest Suzuki in Russia. He has most all of our … [Read more...]

ROAD RACE Motorsports Stars at Mitsubishi Owners Day

Robert Tallini's Time Attack Winning EVO with Beautiful Friends

Road Race Motorsports and Engineering Headlined the Mitsubishi Owners Day on July 14th. We had the largest booth, the best import models, an All Wheel Dyno and a ton of unique cars to show from our stable. Our cars get to the track from time to time, but rarely attend "Car Shows." Road Race … [Read more...]

YOUTUBE VID- Find of the Week. RRM SX4 Turbo Test Drive Here is one of my favorite videos. This vid is taken from a press day by a KBB journalist a couple years back. He flogged our turboed and tuned SX4. Needless to say, he loved it. I think it represents, well, what we do even with something as underrated as a … [Read more...]

FIAT 500 shows well at SEMA Awards 2011

Road Race Fiat 500 at SEMA 2011 We are proud to be a part of SEMA 2011. There were a lot of 500s present but the feedback we received made it clear that the ROAD/ RACE Corsa///Sportivo Fiat 500 was the crowd favorite. You can find the car virtually everywhere on the internet but here is a taste of … [Read more...]

ROAD/RACE Suzuki Kizashi Turbo on the Track in Australia


Car Advice reports on Road Race's Turbo Kizashi "Down Under." Our turbo Suzuki Kizashi, lapped around Broadford Race Track scoring high points in all the areas Road Race contributed to this Australian Kizashi. To quote them, "It was with those words running through my head that I came screaming … [Read more...]

Road Race Motorsports’ FIAT 500 Product Line- July 1

FIAT 500

FIAT has given us the nudge we needed to adopt the FIAT 500 model as one of our own. We are proud to take this Make into our stable and we have already created enough components to build our own Special Edition Fiat 500 and begin production on our line of parts. We have spent 20+ hours on the dyno … [Read more...]