2008-2017 Lancer 2.0L Oversized CVT Transmission Cooler

  • Model: 08+ Lancer Oversized CVT Cooler
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


Introducing the all new 08+ Lancer Oversized CVT transmission cooler. More and more CVT Lancers are being modified, and in many cases turbocharged. Without proper cooling, the Lancer transmission cannot keep up with the added heat, and torque from turbo, etc. We have addressed this issue with our all new over sized-large finned transmission cooler. This is a must have for the performance minded CVT drivers. It will keep the transmission shifting crisp under hard driving conditions. Simple install with all the hardware provided as well as install instructions. Includes a quart of Mitsubishi Factory Spec CVT oil.
Will work on your Turbo or NA Lancer

-Lightweight, All aluminum construction
-Stacked plate design
-Pressure tested to insure quality

- Note be sure to check fluid levels after initial start up as well as after first drive to insure proper operating fluid levels. failure to do so may result in premature wear or failure of transmission. road race will not be responsible for any damage caused by improper fluid levels

Note: Certain year Lancer ES donít come equipped with a factory cooler. In order to determine if our cooler is compatible with your car, look for the CVT oil cooler/warmer located under the battery tray. If you see two fittings, it will not work. You need the warmer that has FOUR fittings; two are for coolant and two are for CVT fluid. Lancer DE does not come with a CVT oil cooler.

CVT oil cooler-warmer

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