2008-2017 Lancer 2.0L Road Race ECM- CVT Version

  • Model: RRM ECM 08+ CVT


2008-2016 Lancer

This ECU add on is designed to maximize the performance of your 4B11-4b12 engine. Expect 6+ foot lbs of torque from 3500-6500 rpms. We have maximized the fuel curves to better take advantage of basic mods like intake, header and exhaust. PLUS YOU WILL GET BETTER GAS MILEAGE Regardless of mods, this Piggyback unit will increase h.p. for any 4B11 Engine. It is PRE TUNED FOR MAX POWER. Installation is an easy 5 wires. Expect serious gains in top end power and more torque throughout the powerband. It is the single most effective upgrade you can buy short of a turbo kit. The optimization of the air/fuel ratio is what we've addressed with this piggyback for a much cleaner, efficient air/fuel mixture. Furthermore, this unit comes with complete directions for installation and all the necessary hardware needed to install. LAPTOP PROGRAMMABLE SOFTWARE INCLUDED HOWEVER THE UNIT IS PRE-PROGRAMMED TO MAXIMIZE POWER AND EFFICIENCY!


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