2.625 RRD Remote Reservoir Racing Shocks

  • Model: 2.625 Remote Res. Racing Shocks


The RRD 2.625" Remote Reservoir Racing Shock is by far the ultimate true race shock for Jeep applications. To start with, we use a hard anodized aluminum shock body for weight savings and improved conductive heat transfer. The shock body is flutted to increase the exterior surface area which improves convective heat transfer. The 1" Nitrotec Steel shock shaft is gun drilled for many reasons; 1) gun drilling lightens the shock shaft for further reduced weight, 2) gun drilling increases the effective size of the internal reservoir since the shock shaft is now filled with fluid, 3) now that the shock shaft is filled with fluid, it also becomes a means of heat tranfer for the shock fluid, 4) by reducing the cross sectional area of the shock shaft, less fluid is required to transfer in and out of the remote reservoir, this reduces pressure build up and subsuquent heat build up internally. To further enhance the shocks basic properties mentioned above, we added in a Remote Reservoir made from the same hard anodized aluminum we use for our shock bodies with internal floating piston. The internal floating piston keeps the pressurized nitrogen and high quality Amsoil shock therapy fluid seperated so emulsification is kept to a minimum. The remote reservoir adds a greater fluid volume and cooling surface area. The o-rings are all made from Viton material for the best quality possible. The shock features custom made spherical bearings at the mounting points of the shock so you do not have to worry about bushing failure. The rest of the shock construction is similar to our 2.0 RRD Racing Shocks. The 2.625 RRD Remote Reservoir Racing Shock is the lightest in its class, has the best cooling properties to minimize shock fade and it is the largest size shock you can use for Jeep Racing! If saving weight and shock performance is what you are looking for, then this is the shock for you! Ask us about our Racing Program for discounted rebuild and revalve options between races!

-Hard annodized aluminum fluted shock body. -Best cooling shock in the industry. -Lightest weight shock in its class. -1 Gun Drilled Nitrotec Steel shaft. -Viton o-rings and double lip Buna N shaft seals. -Billet aluminum valve circuit with digressive valving. -High quality Amsoil shock therapy oil. -Moly piston wear band. -Serviceable, rebuild-able, re-valve-able, completely tune able by the factory or the do it yourselfer! -Remote Reservoir with internal floating piston!


*The shock valving is customer to meet your need. **All RRD 2 5/8 Remote Reservoir Racing Shocks have spherical bearings with a clevis mounting width of 1 1/4 and a 1/2 bore both top and bottom. ***The Hard Annodized Aluminum Body Finish looks more like gun metal gray in person than it does clear aluminum!

(0) Zero valving or no shims; (30) is Light valving; (40) is Light-Medium valving; (50) is Medium valving; (60) is Medium-Firm valving; (70) Firm valving; (80) is Extra Firm valving, and (90) is Hard valving. When ordering the first number is always your compression dampening and the second number is your rebound dampening! For example a 40/60 valved shock would be a shock that is Light-Medium in compression dampening and Medium-Firm in rebound dampening.

The available shock lengths are as follows;

8.00 Travel Compressed Dimension of 17.50 - Extended Dimension of 25.50

10.00 Travel Compressed Dimension of 19.50 - Extended Dimension of 29.50

12.00 Travel Compressed Dimension of 21.50 - Extended Dimension of 33.50

14.00 Travel Compressed Dimension of 23.50 - Extended Dimension of 37.50

16.00 Travel Compressed Dimension of 25.50 - Extended Dimension of 41.50

Please choose your shock length and valving appropriately. Please note; a separate or solid bump stop is strongly advised and always use a limiting strap to prevent from over extending your shock! This will ensure a long life for your shock.

From the time of order, typical turn around time is 3 to 4 weeks. If you have any questions or need any help please give us a call. Our trained staff will be more than happy to help you out to ensure you get the right shock for you.


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