2012-2017 FIAT 500 Abarth Road Race "Big Red" Rear Anti Sway Bar

  • Model: 12-17 Abarth Big Red
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • Units in Stock: 64
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


Road Race is proud to introduce our competition-spec Rear Anti Sway Bar for the Fiat Abarth. Road Race has gone to great lengths to engineer the perfect sway bar to enhance the handling of the Abarth. What this means is that our rear anti-sway bar is not just for the track, but also meant for the everyday driver who wants improved handling and improved vehicle control over stock. Improving the predictability and vehicle control of your Abarth also promotes safety as we are now tightening up the suspension and increasing rigidity. Made of proprietary steel and machined to the tolerances that allow the bar to have the perfect amount of flex. This bar starts as a 29mm hex-shaped sway bar and then it is CNC machined down to the specs of 24mm to create the perfect bar. It also has red powder coating. The sway bar is guaranteed to enhance the handling of the Abarth and allows for a “point n shoot” effect for your Abarth. At 29mm versus the stock 22mm bar we call this the “Big Red” bar or “Rosso Grande” (if you prefer).

Customer Reviews:
Frank 282- Installed the rear sway bar to my dads and my car, both handle much better noticed the rear bucking under hard braking went away I would recommend this mode to all Abarth owners. My dad is a very hard sell and really if ever mods a car. He absolutely loves is and finds he wants to drive faster because the car seems more firmly planted to the ground. Great job guys!!!! Oh and the install only took about 15 minutes each.

Fiat500owners.com user: Compared to the stock's one(22mm weighted 3950g=8.7lb), it is insufficent of adding ONLY 1LB MORE. And man, the result is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE, took my car for a spin and it just won't do it! Doing average street 90degrees corner at 3rd gear 64-68km/h and the tail just STICK, there is no way you will get oversteer with this bar on. Did it for 3-4 times and the results are the same, just LOVE IT! Now i just need you guys to come out with something for the front FAST cuz now i have noticeable more rear-grips than the front doing those hard-turns, LOL.

Fiat500owners.com user: Headed straight for some familiar hill country roads. The tail actually follows the front end now with no hesitation, stays flat, understeer is a thing of the past and ride comfort is unchanged. Fiat could have gotten this right easily. Thanks RRM for a great product!

Fiat500owners.com user: I installed my R/R BR sway bar today with a lot of muscle power and elbow grease in removing the stock bolts. But it was worth every penny and I had a great sense of pride and satisfaction in installing it myself on top of saving $ to have someone else install it. The sway bar is precision made, well fitted, and significantly thicker and more rigid than the stock sway bar. Took it on my first test drive and I could immediately feel the difference in handling. The rear end felt more planted and the hunting feeling in the rear at high speeds was gone. I recommend this upgrade for those who want to significantly improve the handling of their Abarth. These guys at R/R are the real deal and we are lucky that they share their wealth of experience and knowledge in developing quality and proven products for the Abarth owners.

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