2012-2017 Fiat 500 Abarth/500T Road Race Motorsports Water Meth Kit

  • Model: 12-17 Abarth Water Meth Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Units in Stock: 995
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports

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Product image shows water/methanol injection kit with 2.25 gallon tank upgrade

This water meth system is designed to work in conjunction with the Road Race Motorsports Ultimate ECM. This kit is custom tailored for the Abarth and 500T using the highest quality water methanol injection components on the market. This kit is one of the most effective charge cooling methods available. Prevents knocking (pinging) and ECU retarding of timing and boost. Comes complete with all components and hardware, plus detailed installation instructions and pictures. Made in the USA.

You can inject straight water (should be from a purifier on your sink, or distilled water from the store to avoid impurities) or a water/methanol mixture. Straight water will easily give enough knock protection for anything the stock turbo can dish out. However, to prevent the water from freezing in the winter time, and for slightly better performance a mixture of water and methanol can be used. We currently run a 80/20 water/methanol mix. This is available at most stores for $2 a gallon. Various cheap brands of windshield washer fluids are simply water and methanol, and our provided instructions explain what to look for.

Key Features:
-Designed specifically to work with Road Race Motorsports Ultimate ECM
-High Quality Design and components
-Detailed Instructions and pictures
-All necessary hardware included
-Use with any ECM or boost enhancement
-Guaranteed to prevent knocking (pinging)
-Designed exclusively for the 500T/Abarth
-Low level LED indicators for in dash

2.25 Gallon tank also available!

Upgrade your water meth kit with the 2.25 gallon fuel cell upgrade. This high quality black and red tank is a larger 2.25 gallon tank perfect for autocross, track days, long drives, or just limiting your tank fill ups. It's equipped with a fuel cell cap and looks sleek in the trunk of your Abarth or 500T. This tank is equipped with an pre-made mount for your pump, and sturdy but simple bracketing making installation a breeze. When you order this tank, we'll pre-drill, pre-tap, and mount the pump ahead of time to simplify installation.

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