2012-2017 Fiat 500T RRM Lightweight Pulley System

  • Model: Fiat 500T Pulley system
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


Road Race Motorsports is proud to announce our latest lightweight pulley system for the 1.4L MultiAir engine. The RRM pulley system is machined for stock fitment, OEM diameter, maximized throttle response, improved mileage and performance. RRM is no stranger to lightweight aluminum pulley kits, and has been developing both lightweight and underdriven pulleys for over a decade. On larger engines, underdrive pulley systems work well, but it is more important to reduce the rotating mass at either end of a smaller displacement engine; such as the 1.4L MultiAir engine. For this reason, we keep the factory pulley diameter, and reduce the weight of the entire system. This allows us to keep the stock-like characteristics, without causing a loss of alternator charge, or weak AC blast of air. The amazing diamond finish and detail make it unlike any other product like it on the market.

Attention to detail, and triple machining allows for the lightest pulley system on the market, including underdrive pulley kits! Weighing in at 1.67 lb, this aircraft grade aluminum pulley is lightweight and robust in design. CNC machined crank fire gear, heat treated, and blue zinc plating for long lasting corrosion resistance.

After 6 months, over 10K miles of BETA testing, and several design changes, we are finally ready to offer this jewel to the public. In the 10+ years of developing pulleys just like these, we have managed to produce THOUSANDS of pulleys with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of miles without failures. We expect to offer the same quality to the Fiat community.

-Lightest on the market, including underdrive pulley kits
-OEM diameter
-Only weighs a bit over 1.5 lb compared to stock 3.5 lb
-Improved throttle response, MPG, performance
-CNC machining, heat treating, blue zinc plating
-Diamond finish
-10+ years of experience
Installation Video: Close up RRMpulley3 RRMpulley4
Hello Everyone, I installed RRMS lightweight pulley set for the Abarth yesterday and the installation was very straight forward. Trevc did a great write up and the sequence of the installation was spot on. In addition, RRMS provides a nice instruction sheet (read it carefully) and have an install video sharing the important points of the installation on their website. This install took me 45 min from start to finish. Also note: I did not have to remove all of the fender liners to gain access to this area I only removed the cover that protects the pulley area from the elements - thats it. The only thing I can recommend is a long 15mm box wrench or some modification to your existing wrench that extends the length to allow for more torque and ease of reinstalling the belt on to the new pulley. Also, I started the car and let it warm up before I put everything back together and made sure, one more time, that each bolt was tight to 19 lbs. I am completely amazed at the response of the engine with such a small modification?albeit, 1-lbs 6-oz of reduction on the rotating mass is a nice improvement. The RPM?s climb quickly and this is very noticeable in my opinion. Like most in the NE, Mid Atlantic and the South we have had snow and icy conditions. I will go out for a drive this evening or tomorrow morning and do a small video; I could not do this today as the battery on my GoPro is flat and I am currently charging it this morning. We should have a warmer day tomorrow (25 degrees) and I will go out for a spin (hopefully not literally) and share what I see and feel. The only bummer is that I am going through my 80 mile ECM relearning so it won?t be REDLINE pulls through the gears but it will be fun to share with everyone anyway. I highly recommend this mod to everyone and I am considering the same mod for our 500c Lounge, especially if it makes the engine more efficient. I am very impressed with the quality, engineering behind the design and the response from the engine with such a small mod. If you are a good garage mechanic with the correct tools, I say this is a 2 out of 5 in difficulty, the difficulty being having the correct box wrench to allow for proper leverage to lessen the tension to reinstall the belt on to the pulley. Also, be sure to inspect all of the pulleys that this belt attaches too and confirm the belt is seated properly in the groves that guide it through this maze of points. Thank you Road Race Motorsports for another great quality product. More to come and thank you all for your time, Gigante

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