2012-2017 Fiat 500L Ultimate PRO ECM (stage 3)

  • Model: 2012-2017 Fiat 500L PRO
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Units in Stock: 97
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


We are finally ready to introduce what is the REVOLUTIONARY Plug and Play ECM from Road Race. it has been in testing for many months, 1000's of miles and even in racing competition. It has passed all of our tests with flying colors. This 500L ECM is plug and play and is similar to our current unit (which is the best now) but it has so much more. It boosts more, it has output features that no one has. Expect to start at as low as 2800 rpm holding to redline.

Here are the Key features of this unit:
• Capable of 200+ horsepower/ 200+ torque

• Hookup with own circuit board for running Methanol injection

• Plug and play

• Smaller package (box)

• highest horsepower and torque unit on the market (maybe in the world)

• Boost is held above 20+ psi, i.e. controlling throttles and boost.

• Compatible with any other mods but optimized for RRM intake/ exhaust

• Out performs anything on the market, even our current ECM (stage 1)

• Maximizes efficiency of turbo. Any less boost and you lose power, any more boost and you lose power.

• Out smart warranty issues and it can never be overwritten.

Here are customer testimonials from their real-world experience with our Ultimate ECM:


Musicsurf When I first opened the box I was like, this is it? To me, that makes me happy. I am all about discrete and unassuming, which is exactly what the RRM's Ultimate is. It's slightly bigger than a stack of cards. I mounted mine right on the front of the fusebox and it blends in perfectly and when I am ready, makes the wires for hooking up the meth kit right there. Happily, this is where unassuming ends. At 80 miles I pulled off the interstate and turned around to get back on. The light changed and I punched it. 1st gear- power came on SMOOTH! It's quite amazing actually how smooth the powerband is. 2nd- wheel spin and again, the power is just so smooth. Boost holding at 24psi according to my ATM boost gauge. 3rd- the car just pulls and pulls and pulls. Every gear, boost comes on fast, super smooth, and then holds all the way to redline. In 3rd at redline I was at like 85 with still tons of on ramp left so I let off.

My car feels like a different car. The power down low is amazing and the fact that it just never falls off makes driving my car so much more fun. I am really blown away and the best part is that it is easily reversible to stock if need be. With just 15k miles on my car, warranty is a big deal to me. Rob and his guys did a great job with this box. The drivability of the car and how smooth the powerband is shows that they really took their time to do it right. I haven't had the chance to get to a dyno but I will eventually and I am sure the results will be impressive. I am really looking forward to the new found power on the mountain roads of NC for this weekends meet!

FTY HOLY $H!T was my response...extremely smooth delivery. 24PSI maintained and a more balanced TQ curve. I had my doubts when I saw the tiny box, but was pleasantly surprised. After spending a lot of time in my own car and friends/customers cars.....this is by far the smoothest power delivery to date. I didn't even have the patience to wait the 80 miles before putting the go-pedal flat to the floor. AFRs via TQpro (measured) stayed in the low 13s to low 14s under heavy load cycles.

The ability to expand off this unit is also a big perk. More later....

Gigante After the long 80 miles of not engaging the sport button and not revving over 4K RPM, the magic moment arrived. I pulled over so that a few cars could pass me then I took off in second gear and WOW! the torque is crazy and starts way down low and continues through redline, no hesitation, it just goes and goes and the boost is constant – you really have to hang on to the wheel as the pull is violent.

I went to my regular test area off the beat and path and ran the car through the gears and I had lots of back fires and pops in between shifts – this has to be shooting flames out the tail pipes as the pops are so dam loud.

I stopped and got out of the car and noticed the exhaust note is louder and so is the turbo whine out the exhaust, all of the noises are louder from the turbo and BOV. I drive with ESC full off (10 sec until you hear the beep) and with 93 OCT If you let the clutch out in first gear and let the car roll and hammer the accelerator the wheels will spin and you’ll have to lift off the accelerator. It’s much better to whine the car to 25 - 30 MPH then put your foot down and hang on.

I really could not believe how awesome this Utlimate ECM is, I just wanted to keep driving and driving. I was only able to log 15 miles after the 80 mile learning process and had plans on going out to have fun on some country roads. It has been raining like crazy here over the last 48 hrs. and this has curbed my plans. If the weather improves over the weekend I will log more miles. I have my GOPRO ready and I will have my IPAD with DashCommand with me as well. Between the IPAD and my ATM boost gauge I should be able to get some good readings.

AbarthSpeed- Guys, I just dynoed the RRM Ultimate box. I have also been driving with it for a few weeks and can honestly say it's the real deal and is generally superior to the TMC box. I am writing a full review of the box for this site(abarthspeed.com). You will have to wait for the full review which should be up in a couple days. My TMC box is about to be up for sale in the classifieds. That should tell you something.

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