2012-2017 Lancer DE/ES/SE/GT Lancer Body Kit

  • Model: 12-17 Lancer Body Kit


The 2012-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Body Kit is a full 4pc body kit that will take your Lancer to the next level without too much work or money. We can sell numerous body kits but we only sell those that meet our high standards. This is such a body kit. The parts you get are only as good as the molds, and after 10 years in the carbon fiber industry, we only pull parts from the best mold possible. Couple that with experienced manufacturing process, we can ensure the final product has outstanding quality. These parts are hand made and not mass produced. You can acheive a sporty look that will even make EVO X guys jealous! SUPERIOR FIT, QUALITY MATERIALS, COMPETITIVE PRICE. It is all your Lancer needs to stand out from the crowd. Lets say you won't see another one like it in your neighborhood, for sure.

Our online shipping calculator may not accurately be able to generate a quote based on your address, and size of the package. Although our carbon fiber and fiberglass products are lightweight, we package them carefully in large boxes. This drives up the overall weight, and size of the package (dimensional weight).We may need to contact you for the correct shipping price, as shipping charges on certain items may vary. If you have any question or concerns about shipping, feel free to contact us ahead of time 562.906.0080 10-5pm PST, or email.

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