2004-2006 Lancer Ralliart Turbo Fuel Managment

  • Model: 04-06 Ralliart Turbo Fuel Mgmt
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


The FTC1 is a laptop programmable piggyback calibrator that controls both fuel and timing retard. It is programmed with the same Split Second R4 engine management software that is used for the AIC1 and PSC1. The R4 software has two map tables. One is used to program the fuel and the other is used to program the timing retard. The FTC1 is vehicle specific. Some versions of the FTC1 control fuel through sensor signal conditioning similar to the PSC1. Others control extra injectors like the AIC1. Most versions of the FTC1 have been developed for use in kits sold by other companies. Some of these versions have become very popular in the aftermarket and are listed below. Contact Split Second if you are interested in an FTC1 for an application that is not listed below. Any of the FTC1 units can be special ordered with the data acquisition option.

When you order make sure to specify transmission type, automatic or manual trans. This piggy will come pretuned but it will also come with tuning software, in most cases you will need to do further tuning on the box. Tuning is up to you and your tuner and RRM dose not take responsibility for any damage that may happen to your motor during tuning. This box is made to control a 5th injector style system or your stock injectors please specify which setup you are running as they are different tunes and different boxes, if you are doing the 5th injector style setup we do sell the 5th injector setup separate..call for further info.

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