2012-2017 FIAT 500 Road Race Corsa- Dyno Tuned Intake

  • Model: FIAT 500 Dyno Tuned Intake
  • Manufactured by: Road Race Motorsports


This intake is dyno tuned and made 5 h.p. and 5 ft lbs of torque(at the wheels) from 3000 rpm to redline! This intake utilizes a K&N filter and our own designed system that spent 2 days on the dyno before road testing. This intake yields close to 10% increase in useable power, NOT just peak power. With this power and response, the FIAT 500 feels like a different car. Customers have reported increases in MPG. Put the car in SPORT mode and it works even better. Note this is the only intake compatible with the SPORT MODE function. Our Corsa Intakes are made of aluminum, now with purpose built fittings. This is the same Road Race Corsa Intake that the FIAT community is raving about, now offered in Limited Edition Silver.

FIAT 500 Intake Install Video:



Due to different emissions requirements in each state,  these parts are sold as "off road use" only. 

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