2011 Road Race Jeep JK Stage 2 Power Pack

  • Model: 2011 RRM Stage 2 PP
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Road Race Motorsports spent a lot of time researching, developing and fine-tuning the performance of the JK-generation 3.8L V6-engine. Our findings, in collaboration with a 3rd party tuning company, yielded significant gains to the throttle response, power, and MPG's of the V-6 platform. We are pleased with the finished product and feel this Power Pack is a must for daily drivers and rock-crawlers alike. This Stage 2 system for your Jeep JK will include our short ram intake and ECM piggyback (Fuel Calibrator). This kit comes with a heat-shield as well for your short ram intake. .
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Customer Testimonials:

One beta-tester:

"DO I REALLY HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!! In other words, I LIKE IT!!!! I think the computer is starting to get it. Love the sound and throttle response on this! Really Bad Ass idea with the Piggy Back Map. I'm also not hearing any "Hiss" that some of my friends have reported with other intakes."


"So yeah, I have to admit I really like this set up. Espicially with the no HISS! I have the airraid CAI and I have that hiss sound coming from the intake once you find that sweet spot rpm. There are numerous threads on that problem with an CAI. I just deal with it. When Kha showed me his CAI i was like..."How's that hiss"? Surprisingly NO HISS! I think this CAI is a great set up I really like how it fits to the throttle body and how the tube us made. If you are looking for a CAI...I would strongly encourage you to get this one over the others.... again this is just my opinion"


"Alright guys! I have been beta testing this system now for 2 weeks. It is a buy! This is what I have. 2011 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. It is an automatic. I have changed out bumpers, rockers, and all fenders with Poison Spyder gear. I added a Wild Boar Roof Rack. Also a Warn Dual Powerplant. So my jeep has i figured 600 to 700 pounds of added weight. Now I have had my jeep for 1 year 1 month. I added All the extra equipment last March. SO for the last year basically I have been pushing my jeep hard and wishing that i could actually get up and go. I have to say the the system Road Race has got is a winner! I have put over 700 miles on the jeep so far with the system. Been offroading twice. I get more response when i push the throttle down. I have more power climbing up the hill. When I am on the freeway I can actually get into the fast lane and pass someone. I love the damn thing! And a bonus it sounds great!"


On Tuesday, 2/7/2012 I installed the CAI and piggyback box that makes up the Road Race Power Pack and drove into town to get some supplies and to rack up some mileage so the ECU could learn the changes made. The install took about 15 minutes from start to finish only because I got some dust in my eyes. Really, this could be done a lot quicker in a controlled environment. (1 hose clamp to remove intake hose from the throttle body, remove pcv hose from intake hose and disconnect plug from air temp sensor.) The town we drove to was about 24 miles from Johnson Valley. As we left the town to head back to Johnson Valley, I noticed that the Jeep had better throttle response and low and behold, more power climbing hills. Had the ECU learned the changes already? The remainder of our time at KOH, the Jeep ran flawlessly with better response and power than before. The slightly noticeable sound difference of the CAI was also a welcomed change.

We left Johnson Valley at 4pm on Saturday 2/11/2012 packed up with the same 4 people along with all of our gear and more as we had all collected some goodies while at KOH. Although I did not weigh the Jeep at anytime during our trip, it definately weighed more on our trip home because of this.

Tire pressure was set to 29psi only because I forgot to air up prior to packing all our junk in the back of the Jeep and my CO2 tank and nozzle was under everything. The compressor we used at the gas station took forever to air up the big 39's and $1.00 worth of quarters would only get each tire to 29psi before it shut down so I made the call to leave it at that. I figured if anything, the 1psi difference would work against RoadRace in this test and would better serve the purpose of running this test for them.

Our drive home was pretty similar to our drive to Johnson Valley with the exception of the improved throttle response and power. We hit some real strong headwinds when we got to the first pass and I thought for sure our fuel economy would suffer (Im sure it did). During the trip home, we made 10 stops and rolled into Marysville, WA 23 hours after we started. We racked up 1262 miles and our MPG was 15.0.

My overall impression of the kit is, it works! Very noticeable throttle response improvement and better fuel economy to boot.

Thank you Road Race for coming up with this kit and for allowing me to test it for you. You have come up with an amazing product that your customers will see and feel a definate improvement from. 2 thumbs up to Road Race!

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