2002-2006 Lancer Progress Rear Anti Sway Bar w/AutoCross Perches
[Progress Rear Anti Sway Bar]


Date Added: 04/17/2010 by Christopher Chan
The install was easy, although I have to re-locate the exhaust hanger to clear the bar (Not anyone's...

Date Added: 06/06/2009 by Mathieu Montbleau
The car has now a more neutral feel into curves. I have an ES (no stock rear sway bar), so you can d...

Date Added: 04/05/2009 by nicholas deloach
awsome OE replacement part. great rigidity, a very noticable difference!

Date Added: 10/10/2007 by Bryce Womeldurf
This should be the first thing anyone with an 02-06 Lancer adds to their car. It helped my turn-abil...