2007-2009 Suzuki SX4 RRM Piggyback ECU Manual

[RRM SX4 Piggyback ECU M/T 07-09]

I'm not sure how to rank this product, 4 or 5 stars?

It was a 5 star install, straight forward and easy. I have completely rebuilt, restored and modified over a dozen cars from the chassi up so this was a pretty simple job. I would recommend everyone to seal the top and screw holes with some silicone if you are installing the piggy back in the engine compartment.

Now for the performance part of my review.

If you are looking for day and night rocket ship like changes in your acceleration then go and buy a turbo kit because you will be disappointed with this mod. What this mod gives me is slightly more power at the cruising speeds of the car, which means better fuel economy and better passing power.

So far it appears as if I am getting 10-12% better fuel economy at all levels of my driving, which means an average of 32 MPG (27MPG previously) for combined driving. Right now I am driving on studded snows so I expect the MPG to improve when I return to summer tires.

I purchased this because of the improvement in the AFR and associated mileage and so far I'm not disappointed. I would recommend this mod to anyone who would like to improve the mediocre mpg of the Suzuki product.

2007 SX4 Crossover 5spd
Date Added: 12/28/2011 by John McKenna